Services To EU - Suspended Indefinitely

Why Have They Stopped?

Recent changes to how VAT is collected for sales / imports into the EU region has meant that Parcel Street has now had to take the decision to suspend these services indefinitely.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to our customers, but, as a small company, the admin required and the liabilities involved for VAT collection means providing these services are no longer viable for us.

The Future

The situation since Brexit has been ever changing and continues to evolve every few months and we will review this policy regularly.

It is our hope that in the not too distant future, exports / imports into the EU will become smoother / easier and that we will once again be able to offer these services, but we cannot put a date on this.

In the meantime, our low cost services to across the UK will continue as normal, with the ability to book online and easily drop off at our premises continuing to provide value and ease of use as always.

Thank you, the Parcel Street Team